Tabula Rasa green marketing and environmental communication agency, active in promoting innovation and business models at global level dedicated to sustainable ecosystems applied to optimal energy use, with particular regard to solutions that enable energy savings and environmental benefits to be achieved with the integrated energy requalification of buildings was invited to the “Workshop on Provision of Energy Services and Information to Consumers on Building Refurbishment” by the European Commission to present Homo Condòmini Tour 2018. Representatives of private and public agencies from Belgium, England, Scotland, Scotland, France, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Finland and Scotland.

“Being a Renewable Source of Eco-Building Ideas for a Sustainable Economy”
“Being a Renewable Source of Eco-Building Ideas for a Sustainable Economy” is the motto of Tabula Rasa. Tabula Rasa is a green marketing and environmental communication agency created by a group of professionals that has worked in the world of communication and business strategy for the sectors of Energy – Energy Services – Intelligent Technologies – Building Sustainable Solutions for a quarter of a century. The task is promoting the positioning of products and services for an eco-friendly life, committed to promote and to support the information and education of citizens on sustainable, individual and collective lifestyles in the economic, social and environmental spheres.

The goal, in our opinion – declares Giovanni Pivetta project manager of the agency – is not to invest in protecting the environment but, thanks to the “E Factor” Ecology, Energy, Ethic building, is to generate chain reactions by releasing the talents of the green economy because only the alchemical union of all the elements produces new eco-friendly models of real business.

Habitami public campaign public upgrading of energy buildings
Focusing on innovation strategies, in 2013, the agency Tabula Rasa has created a coordination structure called “Habitami” to promote the excellence of eco-sustainable housing by creating a network among the subjects (Ege – Energy Management Experts) – Architectural Studies – Esco (Energy Services Company) – Enterprise buildings and a Pool of agencies of manufacturing. One of the aims is to promote the deep renovation of public and private buildings and to orient the behavior of consumption of citizens. But also to contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency through the use of renewable sources first on the territory of the city of Milan and then at the national level.

We place ourselves as a third part among the market players, with a role of “facilitators”, with the aim of helping the meeting of demand and supply of integrated energy services to individuals, companies, agencies and institutions. Our goal is to carry out energy
redevelopment for private and public buildings according to a “network protocol”, the EPC (Energy Performance Contract), a protocol of information based on an ethical and transparent communication.

On the basis of this long-standing experience, which started from below, involving young undergraduates in engineering and architecture from Italian polytechnics for the monitoring of buildings and from direct actions to raise awareness among citizens in public meetings, city markets, condominium assemblies and from the esteem and enhancement of ENEA, Kyoto Club, Green Building Council, ANCI, FIRE, the AICA international award for environmental communication (delivered by Prof. Luca Mercalli),  from the television reports on our RAI’s activities and from the inclusion of our activity in the General States of the Green Economy, the idea for the project “Homo Condòmini Tour 2018” was born, which we will present in national preview at Ecomondo from 7 to 10 November in Rimini at the leading fair of the green and circular economy in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Smart technologies and building solutions for sustainable living

With its national preview at Ecomondo 2017 (Exibition Rimini – the green technologies expo – 7/10 November) the roadshow for energy efficiency in public and private buildings kicks off. Seven Containers, set up with Smart Technology – Building Solutions -Energy Services – Home Services  – Smart mobility, will cross Italy – from March to July 2018 – stopping a week in the squares of 12 metropolitan cities and involving adults, children and adolescents (convention for 2nd degree secondary schools in the guided tour) in the audio guide tour to allow everyone to see with their own hands the evolution of materials and technologies and the real benefits deriving from their evolution. In addition, the “Green Meeting Point” will be placed the container for Urban regeneration and apartment buildings set up and arranged with shared services.

With the participation in the Scientific Committee of personalities from the world of science, culture, economics and environmentalism and the patronage of Institutions, Organisations and Associations, the House of energy efficiency is born that from Catania to Verona, passing through Bari, Naples, Pescara, Rome, Ancona, Florence, Florence, Bologna, Genoa, Turin and Milan will travel with a load of technology and concrete examples of good practices for energy efficiency.

The Format provides for 3 technical meetings by stage dedicated to stakeholders and public and private professionals (there are scheduled training credits) with guests of the Scientific Committee moderated by a journalist and with real time “Social wall” interventions on the themes of energy efficiency, deep renovation, anti-seismic, project financing, public and private partnership, to inform about techniques, technologies, laws, directives, rules, financial mechanisms and incentives to upgrade the apartment, the building, the district, the city and create the conditions for territorial networks of professionals, businesses and companies for guaranteed energy efficiency.

Entertainment meetings for adults and children on the theme of ecological footprint will be held at each stage of the Tour, together with the distribution to the public of 100 thousand copies of the guide for sustainable living and 20 thousand copies of the technical manual on deep renovation for professionals. The Tour aims to promote the deep renovation of public/private buildings and orient the consumption behaviour of citizens to contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency, reduce dispersion and emissions of buildings, enhancing environmental, cultural, economic and social sustainability.

«Homo Condòmini Tour 2018 – says Cristiana Ceruti, president of Tabula Rasa – is a travelling hub where all aspects of efficiency, energy saving, real estate development and smart & sharing cities are presented with competence and simplicity. We believe that it is only by increasing citizens’ awareness and enhancing and by enhancing the professionalism of market players, it is possible to improve the Italian building heritage and the livability of our cities. Because, in our opinion, energy efficiency is not an abstract

Cecilia Pasini
(Staff Homo Condòmini Tour 2018)


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